Winslow Hansen

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Alaska Climate Science Center Alumni

Ph.D. Student, Landscape Ecology (University of Wisconsin, Madison), M.S., Natural Resource Management (University of Alaska Fairbanks), B.A., Ecology and Economics (University of Montana)

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Research Summary: 

Winslow’s research focuses on understanding how conifer-forest ecosystems that experience stand replacing fire in the northern Rockies may respond to projected environmental change in the 21st century. He conducts his research in Yellowstone National Park where he is using observational, experimental, and simulation-modelling approaches to address questions related to the potential origins of state change in subalpine conifer forests of Yellowstone and the consequences of potential changes for critical ecosystem processes. This research will provide valuable insights into basic and fundamental questions of how and why conifer forests that experience stand replacing fire may change fundamentally over the next 100 years. It will also provide essential applied information to natural resource managers in western landscapes that are faced with tremendous uncertainty about how to manage forest systems in times of profound change.