Ezra Markowitz

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Ph.D., Environmental Sciences, Studies & Policy (University of Oregon), M.S., Psychology (University of Oregon), B.A., Psychology (Vassar College)

Other webpage:
http://www.ezramarkowitz.com, http://eco.umass.edu/people/faculty/markowitz-ezra/

Research Summary: 

Ezra Markowitz is Assistant Professor of Environmental Decision-Making in the Department of Environmental Conservation at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. His research aims to uncover the underlying psychological, social and contextual factors that influence individual and collective environmental decision-making. He primarily uses methods and theory from the behavioral and communication sciences to reveal how individuals and communities make environmentally-relevant decisions, often in the face of conflicting priorities and significant tradeoffs. Ezra’s current research and scholarship span a wide array of projects and topics, including: the multidisciplinary ethical dimensions of climate change; the role of legacy motives in motivating intergenerational environmental stewardship; public perceptions of emerging technological, environmental and scientific issues; and, psychological factors influencing the transmission of climate change information across individuals.